Have Fun. Get to Know Someone.

21 Questions

21 Questions is a fun and easy game to play and get to know someone.  In the game, one person asks another person - a friend, a guy or girl you met, or just about anyone - 21 questions to learn more about them. 

The questions can be about anything and everything, from favorite movies and books to personal beliefs and values.

The game can be played anywhere and in various settings, such as parties, road trips, or even just one-on-one conversations with a person you want to get to know more. 

21 Questions Rules & How To Play

The rules to play 21 questions are simple. Play with one or as many people you would like to get to know.

  1. Start by asking a person you want to get to know a question, which can be about anything, from personal preferences and experiences to beliefs and values
  2. The person then answers the question honestly and thoughtfully
  3. After the first question is answered, the next person can answer the same question or another, if you choose
  4. Repeat until each person has answered 21 questions

Follow These Tips for Playing 21 Questions

  • Listen actively and show genuine interest to the other person's responses
  • Ask follow-up questions or offer your thoughts on the person's answers to keep the conversation going and deepen the connections between you and them
  • Make it easy and use the questions on this page

The Best 21 Questions

21 Questions: Best Questions to Get to Know Someone are designed to be fun and build meaningful connections by covering multiple areas of people's lives i.e. family, hobbies, faves. Ask the questions on this page in the game or use them for inspiration to create your own. Have fun!


What are the top 3 items on your bucket list?


What siblings do you have, if any?


If you could have space on a billboard in Times Square New York for a week, what would you put on it?


What’s your all-time favorite movie?


Who, outside of your family, has had the greatest influence on your life?