makes it easy to find and share icebreaker questions to have fun and build meaningful connections. Try the random icebreaker question generator that allows everyones to participate or browse a list of 100+ icebreaker questions for nearly anyone you want to get to know better.

The Story was created by an experienced corporate director from a Fortune 500 company looking to “scratch his own itch”. With a new team mainly working remote, he looked for new ways to replace those meaningful connections teams typically form in the office. He found icebreaker questions online, and they became quite popular with the team with meeting engagement and collaboration soaring.

Even though the questions were achieving their goals, he thought many of the questions didn’t align with corporate values, and they were presented in a way that was not optimal for in-office or remote meetings. So, he reached back into his experience designing websites in college and created

He wrote work-appropriate questions he would love to share with his own team and designed the site in a way that would project well directly on screens and virtual conferencing software - not to mention phones. These questions, along with an random icebreaker question generator that allows everyone to participate include the meeting leader, are now available free to anyone to enhance collaboration and build meaningful connections with their teams.

He has since expanded icebreaker questions to meet the needs of multiple audiences: work, teams, friends, first dates or just for fun.

Try them in your next meeting or get together, or with just about anyone you want to get to know better.