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Icebreaker Questions for Teams

Easily find and share icebreaker questions for teams designed be fun, boost engagement, and enhance collaboration with teams, especially virtual teams.

Try them now or in your next team meeting.


Clear. Virtual. Online.

Designed to present questions clearly in virtual meetings, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and on meeting room projectors and screens.

Try the Random Team Icebreaker Question Generator

With the Random Team Icebreaker Question Generator, you can show a new random team icebreaker question with the push of a button.

Everyone can participate with the random question generator.


Team Engagement Soared: A Real-Life Example

Virtual Meeting Icebreakers

Learn how one manager of a new, remote team used icebreaker questions to enhance team engagement in virtual meetings and earn exceptional leadership survey scores.

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Share These Icebreaker Questions for Teams

Icebreaker Questions for Teams

Follow These Tips When Sharing Icebreaker Question for Teams

  • Save time by bookmarking this page and sharing it directly on the screen in team meetings or through your video conferencing software for virtual team meetings
  • Take the pressure off of participants and let them know that responses are optional
  • Keep questions lighthearted and steer away from overly serious or controversial questions
  • If sharing at work, be open to sharing questions not directly related to work because these type of questions tend to give participants confidence in front of the group and strengthen bonds within the team or group
  • Let the participants know your target time to end the icebreaker so that they have a sense of the amount of time they have to respond
  • Ask for volunteers to answer each question to give those who need time a chance to respond
  • Pose follow-up questions to show interest and build more confidence, time permitting
  • Make an icebreaker question for teams the first agenda item of a meeting as we have seen them increase engagement for the remainder of the meeting
  • Add one icebreaker question for teams to all of your team meetings, especially with remote teams

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Icebreaker Questions for Teams?

Icebreaker Questions for Teams are work-appropriate preference and life-experience questions designed to be fun, boost engagement, and enhance collaboration in virtual team meetings, like those over Microsoft Teams and Zoom, or in-person team meetings.

Try them in your next meeting and experience the benefits in the meeting and beyond.

Where Can I Use Icebreaker Questions For Teams?

You can use Icebreaker Questions for Teams just about anywhere. The possibilities are endless. Here are just of few of the many places: 

  • Conferences
  • Networking events
  • Team meetings, virtual or in-person
  • Camps
  • Retreats
  • Volunteer meetups
  • Team building events
  • Your desks
  • Chats


Pull up the questions in your web browser on your phone when your are on-the-go. Or, share them directly on a meeting room screen or through your video conference software, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Why Use Icebreaker Questions for Teams?

Many teams see engagement and collaboration increase when they incorporate icebreaker questions into their meeting agendas.  

Are The Questions Clean and Work-Appropriate?

We have selected the best icebreaker questions that have broad appeal and span a variety of generally work-appropriate topics with the goal to increase engagement and make meaningful connections.